Conversation (Listening)

Ellyah    : Good morning, Heny.

Heny     : Good morning, Ellyah.

Ellyah    : How are you today?

Heny     : I’m Fine, Ellyah. Thankyou. How about you?

Ellyah    : Yes. But I’m not okey fo today. The weather is not very well for this week.

Heny     : Oh, How is the weather for today?

Ellyah    : The weather is nice for today. There was a cool breeze this morning.

Heny     : What’s the temperature?

Ellyah    : It’s about twenty-seven degrees Celcius.

Heny     : What was it like yesterday?

Ellyah    : It was cloudy yesterday and it rained last night. It was cold. I stayed at home.

Heny     : The weather was bad Last Sunday, wasn’t it?

Ellyah    : Yes, it was terrible the afternoon.

Heny     : Do you think it will warm tommorow?

Ellyah    : I hope so, Ellyah.

Heny     : Have you ever benn to Baghdad?

Ellyah    : Yes, I’ve ever ever been there.

Heny     : What is the weather like in Baghdad?

Ellyah    : It’s very hot. It’s always sunny there.

Heny     : How about New Zealand?

Ellyah    : New zealand? It’s the most beautiful country with a very nice climate.

Heny      : How about this country, Indonesia? How about you for the season and the weather in Indonesia?

Ellyah    : Indonesia has two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.

Heny     : The farmers like the rainy season, don’t they?

Ellyah    : They grow rice at the beggining of the rainy season and dry the crops in the dry season.

Heny     : Do you like rain?

Ellyah    : Rain is a blessing and we must take that.

Heny     : You went to London last year.  Tell me about the climate there.

Ellyah    : I was there in December. It was winter.

Heny     : Could you tell me how about the winter in london?

Ellyah    : Winter is a season between auntumn and spring, from November or December to February.

Heny     : What is auntumn?

Ellyah    : Auntumn is the third season of the year, between summer and winter. The leaves fall in September, October, and November.

Heny     : Do you like snow?

Ellyah    : Yes, I do. Snow is beatiful. There’s ice on the pond. I like to go skating.

Heny     : Your sister is in Canada, isn’t she?

Ellyah    : Yes. She has been there for six months. She is freezing in Winter. She doesn’t like it.

Heny     : She has to learn to put up with it. She must have ever overcoat on in winter.

Ellyah    : That’s right. Look! It’s raining.

Heny     : I’m glad I’m taking my umbrella.

Ellyah    : It will probably clear up in a few minutes.

Heny     : I hope so.


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